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new username xD

Hey guys, i've decided to make a new journal.  i've grown bored of this username, (seeing as i'm no longer a teen, that's my excuse and i'm sticking to it xD )  so if you're still intrested in being my friend feel free to add me on my new name.  hope you guys are still interested in hearing my weird ramblings and everything else i've used this journal for xD

new cherrrrybomb 
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Thou Shall Not Crave Thy Neighbour

I've decided to make an icontest community for the HBO series True Blood! And i'm pimping it out to you guys :D I'm waiting until i have atleast 15 members before i post the first challenge so join join join! I can't wait to see your great entires!


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153 Graphics: twilight cast, anna paquing, leighton meester, emma watson, erw, kristen stewart,

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[01-12] Twilight Cast @ VMA's (taylor & rob)
[13-21] Cosmo Girl Shoot (rob, taylor & kellan)
[22-33] Twilight Random
[34-36] Taylor Lautner
[37-39] Nikki Reed
[40-90] Kristen Stewart
[91-108] Evan Rachel Wood
[109-114] Leighton Meester
[115-138] Emma Watson
[139-150] Anna Paquin
[151-152] Gossip Girl
[153] Edward Poster

(kristen @ the vma's coming soon!)

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can you say, what a bunch of hotties?
i can't wait until more pics get released!
majour iconage.
so what did you guys think?
i was a bit sad rpattz got cut off but it was kinda funny.
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AWWW  i couldn't help myself i had to post it! cuties!<33
now onto the icons!

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[01-24] Megan Fox 
[25-27] Twilight Cast 
[28-36] In the Land of Women 
[37-54] Kristen Stewart 
[55-75] Clemence Poesy
[76-93] Ashley Greene 

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sooo, school started today...finally.
it's been four months of sitting on my butt, not that i didn't enjoy it.
but yeah, the morning was rather entertaining.  first my teacher decided to go around and take our pictures so he'd know who was who.  lame i know!  i looked like crap today.  then he had serious issues with the projector and the screen so he went wandering around looking for a new one, another ten minutes passed, we got it fixed for him and he started his lecture.  then an hour and a half into that the fire alarm went off.  it was legit not a practise one so everyone left to go wait outside (thank god it was gorgeous weather)  we were outside for about twenty minutes. we got back in and class was over.  so everyone thought that was pretty great for a first day back. 
i like my classes so far, tons of work and projects but that's not for a while.  i just got to get back into the swing of things, aka waking up early in the morning again. 

icon post soon, i've been lacking inspiration. haha.
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a little bit of random

Taged by lalalannah</lj>

Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 random things, facts, goals, or habits about yourself. At the end, choose 10 people to be tagged, listing their names & why you chose them. You can't tag a person who has tagged you.

oo1. i'm actually excited to go back to school, but not so much at the same time.
oo2. i'm a graphic whore but that's not random as much as it is obvious.
oo3. i want to really do well in school this year, i'm really going to be pushing myself.
oo4. i get scared way to easily it's not even funny.
oo5. i'm going to try and be more social.
oo6. i seriously cannot wait until twilight comes out, i swear i'm going to see it everyday.
oo7. i get far to obsessed with things to easily. 
oo8. cutlass is my new favourite short film! 
oo9. i really want to get a boyfriend this year, or at least get some guy friends (it's hard when there aren't any in your classes)
o1o. i'm going to eventually take alannah to a jbro's consert so she'll shut up about it.